Success Stories


Meet Dana. Dana has been a member at Three Bears for 4 months now! In those 4 months she has lost 20 lbs, and 2 jean sizes! Her Cholesterol is down 10pts and her Triglycerides are down 25 pts and now normal!

But for her it’s more than just the data that tell her story. She feels better, sleeps better, has more energy, improved balance and moves better. She says her only aches and pains are from a good solid workout! 

She is pumped to be able to run now and is getting terrific support from everyone in class to do more and be the best version of herself.


Meet Kris (aka “Tohtz”). Kris has been a member at Three Bears since April and participates in Bootcamp, 3BX and Olympic Lifting occasionally!

She loves the community at Three Bears and no longer feels wrecked after her workouts. She’s a good sore at times and her cardio capability has improved greatly!

But more than anything Kris says she has better balance with working out and life along with better sleep and rest!


Meet Carla. She made a positive life decision, set achievable goals, and has worked hard at a healthier lifestyle. Check out her story here:

"My doctor told me I wasn't too healthy and that my blood levels were out of control and I needed to do something to better myself. I reached out to Trey and he said calmly, "I am going to help you." I started working out at Three Bears Fitness on April 2 and I am excited to say I am down 30 pounds! Woo! I feel great and my doctor is happy with my transformation. I know Trey's running a business but he's also changing lives."