Personal training packages (Full, individualized one-hour workout including warm-up and cool-down):

  • $85 per Hour

  • $400 5-pack of Sessions

  • $700 10-pack of Sessions

  • $950 Personal Training DELIVERED to your home gym

Skill Sessions (Dedicated 30-minute sessions for improving a specific skill):

  • $45 per Half-Hour

  • $150 4-pack of Sessions

Skill session examples: pull-ups, double-unders, muscle-ups, snatches, split jerks, deadlifts, etc.

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Personal Training

Fitness, Delivered!

The quickest way to a better YOU is through individualized programming designed to meet your specific goals! With our personal training program, out commitment to you is that we will develop a unique program specific to your needs, goals, and fitness level. 

Our personal training program includes a free goal-setting session to determine fitness needs and plans are developed accordingly. 

Plans can be tailored to work on:

  • Aerobic capacity​

  • Strength-training

  • Gymnastics

  • Weight loss

  • Olympic lifting

  • Specific skill sessions

It's never too late to focus on being the best version of YOU. Get started today! 

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